Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend at the High Oaks Ranch: The Big Hat Roping

Big Hat Roping Rules:

1. You must wear your Big Hat at all times. If your Big Hat should fall off, you get a no time.

2. Leggins must be worn at all times.

3. Both ropers must leave out of the head box.

4. No tie downs.

I swear as soon as these guys, and a few girls, put on their big hats they turn into little boys and girls again.

They jack ass around and try to out-do eachother. They try to get people bucked off, ahem Slick and Clint. They show off their best trick roping skills. They try to tell the funniest joke. But most of all, they try to win the sweet prizes of the Big Hat.
Sean and his rope tricks.

Trey Trey showing off his roping skills.

Case is getting in on the trick rope action.

And then of course John Klam has to out do everyone.

Look up "jack assing around". I wonder if
you will see this picture.

Carson practicing for her next mutton bustin'.

First place wins these clean and sharp looking buckles from Squaw Creek Silver. Aren't they pretty? I want to start roping just so I can win one next year!

Second wins these pretty amazing halters made by Don Gonzales Saddlery. It was Jimnastics goal to win first because he won the halter (that he made, hehe) last year. He had his eye on the buckle and his intention was to rub it in everyone's face when he did.

And Wrangler jeans go to each of the guys that won 1st through 4th.

If you can stay on your horse and your hat on your head, you just might limp walk away with some of those fabulous prizes at The Big Hat Roping.

A great time is had by all just as long as you don't take it too seriously.

It seems like Mother Nature knows when the Big Hat Roping is taken place because the wind was blowing like we were in West Texas. This was exponentially more funny watching the guys trying to keep their hats on.

Pictures of the actual roping are limited because I was duped asked ever so nicely to be the announcer, time keeper and book keeper, so I had my hands full.

It has been a very long time since I have laughed as hard as I have on this weekend. You can see why.

Clint making friends.

Vegas making sure the stock knows who's boss.

Clint and Sean having a good laugh.

Robert is THRILLED to be here!

I'm not sure which Scotty is more ready for: the Big Hat roping
or for people to finally get off his ranch! Haha!

It is so hard to take anybody seriously with those hats on.

Jimnastics is ready for a win!

The Big Hat pre game mingling.

This is probably my favorite picture of the
Big Hat. This is Don Gonzales sporting
this years fashion for the Big Hat Roping.

The 3 Musketeers.... or maybe the 3 Stooges

That hat looks nice on you, Kayla!

These two look like they are up to NO GOOD! What's new?

Even the ponies like the Big Hats.

Jimnastics showing off his big hat and his finely crafted,
hand-made in Texas Don Gonzales saddle.

Sandy and Bolivar are ready for the Big Hat!

Oooooooooooo! That's some NICE craftsmanship by
Don Gonzales Saddlery.

DJ helping out the camera crew.

The Big Hat Champions are Jimnastics & DJ.

@nd place went to Slick Robinson & Jackson Breshears

3rd place went to Robert Lever & Scotty Cobb

4th place went to John Shaffer & Clint Johnson (my sweetheart!) 

Greg Rumhor got the Top Hand award!

That's a nice fit!

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